Instrumental Music

There may be a place within your wedding ceremony for instrumental music, which could just be organ or keyboard music, or could involve other instruments such as flute, trumpet, or a string quartet.

For example, you may wish to have me sing for the entrance of the bride and the signing of the register, but have the organist play for a few minutes before the service while guests arrive, and a trumpet soloist to play for the exit of the bridal party.  There are also many beautiful pieces of music for voice together with flute or trumpet.  

If any of these options appeal to you, I will be happy to organise the other musicians for you, from amongst my colleagues.

Below are some instrumental music suggestions.

Voice and Flute

Voice and Trumpet
  • G. F. Handel - Let the Bright Seraphim
Trumpet Solo (with organ or keyboard)
Organ Solo
  • Widor - Toccata from Symphonie V (you need a very skilled organist for this!)