If you are getting married in a church, it is usual to have one or more hymns, which your guests are invited to join in singing.  Hymns can really add to the atmosphere and beauty of a church wedding and they give your guests a chance to join in!  There are many very beautiful hymns, but if you are not a regular church attender you may not know how to find them.  

For this reason I have compiled a list of popular hymns for weddings in various Christian denominations, as well as my own personal favourites.  Where possible, I have provided links to the lyrics and audio or video of the hymn.

Online Hymn Databases

There are several internet databases of hymns, where you could search for a particular hymn that isn't in my short list of suggestions, or simply listen to a wider range of hymns.  These are very useful websites, and most entries contain the hymn's text (lyrics), a midi sound recording, and information about this hymn's origins and history.

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