The role of music in your wedding ceremony

During your wedding ceremony, there are a number of places where music may be appropriate.  The timing, amount and choices of music will depend on whether your wedding is religious or not, the order of proceedings, and most importantly your personal taste and the type of mood you wish to create.  Possible places where music may be appropriate include:
  • Before the ceremony, while guests are arriving
  • Entrance of the Bride (processional)
  • Congregational Hymns (in a church wedding)
  • A musical reflection, inserted anywhere you feel appropriate
  • Lighting of Unity Candle
  • Signing of the Register
  • During Communion/Mass if your ceremony is a full Nuptial Mass
  • Exit of the Bridal Party (recessional)
You may choose to have solo singing for any or all of the above possibilities.  You may also consider having solo organ music if your wedding is in a church, or other instrumentalists such as a flute or trumpet soloist or a string quartet.  In most cases I will be able to help you to find such musicians among my contacts.

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