There are very few solo songs that are suitable to be sung without accompaniment of some kind, such as organ, piano or harp.

If you are marrying in a church, they will be likely to have a resident organist or pianist who may be able to play for your wedding, but their availability must be confirmed.  If you decide to hire me for a church wedding, I will be happy to contact the church and make all necessary arrangements with their accompanist.

If the resident accompanist is unavailable, or unable to play the piece that you have in mind, I will be happy to arrange another accompanist for you.

For other venues, I can arrange an accompanist, and the hire of an electric keyboard if no other instrument is available at the venue.  

If an accompanist cannot be arranged, I can sing to a pre-recorded backing track, provided the venue has a sound system, however live accompaniment is preferable whenever possible.

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